Enterprise Social Responsibility

We believe each worker needs to be treated equal and respect.

  • We should encourage all those engaged in it to work enthusiastically.

  • We should encourage all those engaged in it to work enthusiastically.

We promise to provide a healthy and safe working environment

and in order to achieve the goal, YR conducts standards like (Electronic Industry Code of Conduct, EICC),
(Universal Declaration of Human Rights),
and international labor standard.

Year Round policy:
  • Follow law

    All worker policy conforms to legal laws.

  • Against discrimination

    Evaluate worker with ability, not political tendency, race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, or handicap disability.

  • Freedom to work

    All workers work voluntarily. Forced to work is forbidden and workers have the right to resign at any time.

  • Humane Treatment

    Forbid any harassment and unhumane treatment like slavery, physical punishment, threatening, verbal abuse, or sexual harassment.

  • Forbid child labor

    Forbid to hire child labor and prevent teenage workers from danger position.

  • Reason working hours

    At least 1 day off after 7 working days unless special condition.

  • Worker welfare

    Reasonable working pay and welfare which conform with legal laws.

  • Social rights

    Respect worker’s right for any organization.

  • Value Communication

    Value workers’ comments. Workers have the rights to reflect personal thoughts and comments to the company and all comments reflected will be non-disclosed for any payback.

  • Health and safety

    Provide Healthy and safe working environment and prevent any toxic material danger. Provide appropriate safety protection harness and adequate educational training.

  • Use Non-conflict material

    Require supplier to use non-conflict material in order to conform with human rights and environmental protection.

Equal gender working environment Company human resource structure
Job category Male % Female % Total workers (ratio)
Management worker 62% 38% 12%
Professional worker 50% 50% 21%
Assistant worker 20% 80% 3%
Technical worker 43% 57% 64%
TOTAL 46% 54% -
Gender distribution