Environmental protection

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  • High quality operating environment

Conflict Mineral Policy

Democratic Republic of the Congo has plentiful mineral resources including (Au), (Ta), (Sn) and (W). Throughout mineral cultivation, massive violence is involved during mineral business trade in order to gain more profit. Massacre and human right violation is happening all the time.

Year Round Technology respects human right and values Conflict Mineral Policy.

As a result, we strictly review our material supplier to ensure that our raw material of (Au), (Ta), (Sn) and (W) doesn’t come from DR Congo and other nearby areas which are under arm group holding.

Year Round Policy as below:
  • Do not purchase raw material from any arm group holding areas.
  • Inquire supplier to reject using material from arm group holding areas and sign letter of consent.
  • Inquire supplier to pass the request to it’s own supplier.