Year Round CSR

We expect ourselves to be a responsible company. Other from creating financial value, we can also provide more positive influence to the surrounding environment and society.

Growing Up


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I Have A Dream
A dream of Year Round becomes a hundred year old Enterprise.
  • Our Technical Mission Is Simple
    From YR's point of view, our target is very simple.

    A hundred year old enterprise’s main key is health, completely healthy on every way. We need to focus on long-term value, invest power on non-critical but important projects and a lot more.

  • Technology as base

    Fully understand and utilize YR core power in order to adapt to rapid changing market and continue providing high quality.

  • Trust as base

    We conduct our business with uncompromising intirgreaty, make YR as a contract free trust worthy partner.

  • Man and environment as base

    Earn more, provide more to society with positive interaction.

We like to solve problems what others do not take into account and do even better.

President Pai Tian Fa

WE BELIEVE We will do it and try our best to make it perfect.

Quality as priority, customer as supremacy, continuous innovation and improvement

  • Conform to environmental safety standard
  • Care what customer care
  • Prevent environmental pollution
  • Implement energy saving
  • Establish work place safety
  • Value workers' healthcare
  • Continuous improvement
  • Contribution back to society
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Cultivate talent Establish worker policy direction to achieve the spirit

Believe every worker shall be treated with respect and equal. Promise to proivde safe and healthy working environment is employer's responsibility. In order to realize our promise, we follow policy standard.

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Protect The Earth's Environment, We Care.
Year Round offer a total solution to the unique manufacturing demands and also solve complex problems to meet today's rapid requirement.

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Love The Earth Pursue zero waste water discharge for environmental protection.

Take worker and environment as base, making worker, output and give back to society as positive interaction. Actively invest in environmental protection and take zero waster water discharge as the final goal for a complete recycle system in environmental protection.

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