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Targeting to different industry needs, YR provides various inspection technology and ability.

Size Monitoring

Our comprehensive advanced manufacturing process control and matching Cpk and FAI measurement specifications allow anufacturing energy to achieve maximum productivity and required capacity.

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Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring in the manufacturing industry can improve the production process, increase production efficiency, reduce costs, ensure product quality, and achieve sustainable development and environmental protection goals. These advantages are not only beneficial to the enterprise itself, but also have a positive impact on society and the environment.

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Functional Analysis

Manufacturing functional analysis is a powerful tool that can help companies better understand product or system requirements, optimize designs, solve problems, improve efficiency, and foster innovation. This is critical for successful product development and market competition.

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Environmental Protection

Environmental protection in the manufacturing industry not only helps reduce the impact on the environment, but also improves the efficiency, competitiveness and sustainable development of enterprises. It is an important manifestation of corporate responsibility and an important part of building a green and sustainable future.

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Environmental Safety Health Policy

Year Round Tech. invests in waste water/sewage system to recycle rainwater and achieve the goal of energy saving and CO2 reduction while achieving the effect of reducing manufacturing costs at the same time.

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